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Siggy Request thread! Empty Siggy Request thread!

Post by superBlast on Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:17 am

Helloooo everyone! I finally got photoshop up and running on my new computer and so I can now edit pictures again! A thing I usually do in forums I'm active in and open up a siggy request thread for people to come and get there own custom made signature image made by me or anyone else who wants to make them for people!

So go ahead and post if you want one! Here's a list of things to include to make things easier on me!

-Size Dimensions (This how big or small you want your siggy... or want it really tall or wide. My personal favorite size to work with is 500x200 pixals, or 500 pixals wide and 200 tall.)

-Base Image (If you want me to use a specific image to make your siggy with, post a link here. I can work with anything but pictures with very simple backgrounds are easier to work with. Also I am used to working anime style images but again, anything will work.)

-Main colors (The main colors you want me to use. Simple.)

-Style (I sorta classify my siggies into two things. Simple and Complex. Simple ones don't have a lot going on in the image and overall has a simple look, while complex one has a ton of stuff going on in it. My current siggy I'm using would be what I'd call a complex style.)

-Theme (If you have any sort of theme in mind... Flowers, military, magic, Japan, or anything really, list it here. If you don't have anything in mind, that is fine too. I'll just make it look really cool!)

-Text (If you want any text added anywhere, list it here. It can be a name, a quote, or anything! Also if you have a specific font in mind go ahead and list it here too. And a link to where I can get it too would be nice.)

-Other (If you have any sort of other stuff done... like say it has to have an explosion or a character right dead center of the image or just anything else you wanna say about how you want it made would go here!)

And that is all! If you need help finding an image you can check out either Safebooru or Zerochan for anime images (it's what I mainly use for SFW images) and for browsing fonts just click on one of the top sites HERE and start browsing! There are tons of different fonts!

Siggy Request thread! Vjapan10

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