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Post by shirosakura on Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:35 pm

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But for the forums, what does everyone think of a project like this? is it a good idea?

Hi everyone! The Sakura Shimbun is back! To celebrate the founding of my new paper, I want to give everyone a chance to create and make their own paper and share their thoughts and media with the world. With that in mind, I want to found the vJapan New Media Project!

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It's simple! I will give two gold to any vJapanese citizen that wants to create their own newspaper! This isn't a government or party-sponsored initiative, but rather a personal project I'm undertaking because I want to enable the people of eJapan to express their voice to those in the community and abroad. A thriving community in games like these depends on having a thriving and active media scene that allows everyone to participate. I want vJapan to grow to be a fun and exciting place to be, somehwere that compels you to give your time and your energy to in turn make the country even better than before. Plus, the more a person does here, the more likely they are to stay. A player that simply two clicks will be less involved than the congressman who also runs a business on the side. Giving people an outline to write and create is another benefit of community.

I'm not very rich right now. But I'll do my best to accomodate whoever wants to be a part. Feel free to message me on vPop or on Discord! And happy writing!

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