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State Lottery Records Empty State Lottery Records

Post by Dank on Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:50 pm

Google Spreadsheet Link:

Lottery Records above will contain purchaser, ticket numbers with that purchase, dates, drawing numbers, winners and of course the current lottery pot.

Lottery Tickets Current Price: 5 JPY for on ticket or 1 gold for two tickets
Current government take: 20% from each ticket purchase


1 - All numbers used for both tickets and weekly drawings will be generated from
2 - Numbers that can be used: 1-99
3 - Numbers per ticket: four
4 - The numbers on the ticket can be selected by the purchaser or randomly generated.
5 - All tickets expire after the weekly drawing and must purchase new tickets for next weeks drawing.
6 - Current Limit of purchases per player: Unlimited
7 - Tickets cannot be given away, traded, or resold. If they are; the tickets will no longer be valid.
8 - A winning ticket will match and contain all four numbers from the weekly drawing. They do not need to be in any specific order.

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